Dear Reader,

my name is Marlies, I am 26 years old and live in Ghent, Belgium.

After my Master’s degree Linguistics (German-English, jawohl), I was still looking for something ‘more’, and that’s when I chose to do another degree in Filmstudies & Visual Cultures. I did all my studies at the University of Antwerp, although I skipped 6 months in 2012-2013 to study Germanistik-Kulturwissenschaften (German philology-Cultural Scienes) at the Free University in Berlin. Ever since I fell in love with that city.


I love to watch films and write about them, so you can also read my articles on http://cinemajam.com/mag/author/Marlies-Janssens. Besides that my biggest passions are music, concerts, theatre, literature and travelling. Ow yeah, and I love my friends and family :)!

Also, I am a trained barista -yup, something entirely different- so you can always find me in one of my favourite coffeebars or working on set!


naamloos (15)
Photo credits: Richard Holland





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