“Petit Ami” – Anthony Schatteman

Petit Ami is a short drama film by Anthony Schatteman and is selected for the Flemish Competition: Fiction at International Shortfilm Festival Leuven 2017. This is his 4th selection already. Petit Ami is the final piece of a trilogy along with Kus me Zachtjes (2012) en Volg Mij (2015). They all focus on the main character Jasper (Ezra Fieremans), a young boy struggling with the problems of adulthood.

Petit Ami3Petit Ami is set on Christmas Eve in an obscure rendez-vous hotel. Jasper, who is now 20 years old, meets the older and mysterious Vincent (Thomas Ryckewaert). For Jasper this is a date like any other, but then he discovers the secret that Vincent carries with him.

The title refers to the rendez-vous hotel where Jasper and Vincent meet, which in reality is also a rendez-vous hotel in Ghent called ‘Ptietami’.

The use of colours is very interesting in this one, with an emphasis on the pink and blue neon of the rendez-vous hotel, which adds a mainly sexual atmosphere to the film. The cinematography on the other hand symbolises the intimacy between the two men. DOP Ruben Appeltans uses a lot of close-ups and headshots, by which he symbolically creates portraits of Jasper and Vincent, although the audience never really is able to discover what is going on in their minds. When you watched Schatteman’s 2 previous shorts in the trilogy, one is able to apprehend Jasper’s psychology more. (This is a tip ;)!) Personally, I felt like the relationship between the 2 of them went beyond the sexual aspect, moreover, it seemed as if they implicitly acknowledged each other’s emotional presence.

Petit Ami2The film ends with a shot of Jasper looking straight into the camera, which allows us to take a look into his soul. He clearly struggles with becoming an adult and with finding what he’s looking for in life. Jasper is still looking for his own identity, doing this by meeting men and reflecting on himself as a homosexual man. This is never explicitly confirmed in Petit Ami, so let’s say this is my subjective interpretation.

Whoever loves the coming-of-age genre and colourful films should watch Petit Ami. This only takes you 16 minutes of your precious time, which you won’t regret.

Check the website for more info.

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