“Out of the Blue, Into the Black” – Alidor Dolfing

Out of the Blue, Into the Black by Alidor Dolfing had its world premiere at the International Shortfilm Festival in Leuven this year, where it was selected in the Flemish Competition: Fiction. No, Alidor Dolfing is not a strange Flemish name, it’s a pseudonym for the director duo Nyk Dekeyser and Mark Bouwmeester. It’s the second time they are selected for IKL after the major success of the absurd short film Wien For Life in 2014 with one of Flander’s favourite actors, Wim Willaert. 

out of the blueThe story is about the sixteen-years-old Flament (Laurens Aneca), who visits a music festival with his best friend Kiwi (Klaas Duyck). After the first night, hanging with Polly (Verona Verbakel), he is hungover and being sick in one of those chemical toilets that we in Belgium call a ‘dixi’. When all of a sudden a heavy storm breaks out, he gets stuck in the toilet and badly injured. Too young to die, he desperately struggles to survive. Flament’s physical survival symbolises adolescence and the struggles of life in becoming an adult. (N. B. Out of the Blue, Into the Black reminded me of the Pukkelpop-storm in Hasselt in 2011, where several people got seriously injured and 5 people died.)

Out of the Blue, Into the Black is a 20 minutes thriller and a so-called one-location drama clearly inspired by Rodrigo Cortés’ Buried (2010) and Danny Boyle’s 127 Hours (2010). Parts of it even reminded me of the infamous toilet-scène in Danny Boyle’s Trainspotting (1996). Almost the entire film is shot in a ‘dixi’ toilet, which has a claustrophobic effect. Of course, shooting this asked for some really good editing and visual techniques. You can also tell that Alidor Dolfing opted for several cameras, like smartphone cameras for example, this to add authenticity and credibility to the images as seen through the eyes of the youngsters.

out of the blue2The 3 young actors, who are some unknown faces for the mainstream audience, look pretty experienced and leave a remarkable impression. The acting performances, together with great cinematography by Frederic Van Zandycke  and a smashing soundtrack by the Belgian rock band HEISA, turn Out of the Blue, Into the Black into an unapologetic whirlwind running over you like the fictitious storm that almost killed our main character. All of this in just 20 stunning minutes? It is defintely worth watching.

Check the website for more info.

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