“Sons of No One” – Hans Vannetelbosch

Sons of No One is the graduation short film by Hans Vannetelbosch, made for LUCA School of Arts in Brussels and is one of the lucky few that got selected for the Student Short Competition at Film Fest Ghent 2017.

Sons of No One2

Educator Eva (Nora Alberdi Perez) works in juvie and tries to see the innocence and goodwill in each and every one of the young boys. She fights for what she believes to be just, but after an incident between a guard Marcel (Marcel Gonzalez) and one of the boys Justice (Frank Onana), she wants to stick up for the boy and figure out why and how Marcel puts him down.

In my opninion, the story is about verbal intimidation and the position of both kids and women (in this case Eva) under a patriarchal authority (in this case Marcel).

 All performances were very strong, even the youngsters came over as professional, although most of them are still very young and unexperienced. It is fascinating how Vannetelbosch makes everything work. All aspects like visuals, narrative, casting simply match.

Sons of No OneVannetelbosch manages to create a grim and cheerful atmosphere at the same time. The interior shots in juvie are dark and greyish, while the exterior shots are colourful and related to the boys’ spare time having fun together. DOP Lino Deconinck is a good partner in crime to Vannetelbosch in creating this symbolic contrast between sadness and resentment on the one hand and youthful happiness on the other hand

In my opinion, Sons of No One was the strongest short film in the selection when it comes to both narrative and audiovisual techniques. Vannetelbosch rightfully won the audience award.

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