“Poor Kids” – Michiel Dhont

Another film in the Student Short Competition at Film Fest Ghent 2017 is Poor Kids by Michiel Dhont, which is his graduation film for KASK in Ghent.

Poor Kids

Poor Kids is a story about Max (Tijmen Govaerts) and his friends (Felix Meyer, Aiko Vanparys), who come from an unstable family situation. Their fathers are seamen.  Max and his friends have to stay at boarding school over the summer, and as they form their own holy trinity, they have to find a balance between challenging the school’s authority and feeling home at the same time.

The film relies on its beautiful visuals. DOP Laurens De Geyter is very talented and a perfect sidekick to the director. I loved the open shots of the children in their boat for example (see picture above), which is a metaphor for their origin as seamen’s kids. It’s what bounds them. He turns the visual in something symbolic, which raises the level of this student short film.

Also, I should definitely mention the natural acting performances by the protagonists and the strong supporting role for Lukas De Wolf (Gent-West, Mixed Kebab,….) as the childrens’ educator Hans.

In my opinion, Poor Kids is a coming-of-age film about youngsters looking for a ‘home’. Their home is when they’re together.


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