“Croisé” – Elke Vanoost

Croisé is selected for the Student Shorts Competition at this year’s edition of Film Fest Ghent. It’s the first short film of director Elke Vanoost for LUCA School of Arts in Brussels. 


Croisé tells the story about the 17 year-old Amine (Mountassir Khammal) and the 26 year-old Luna (played by Anouk Fortunier, who is also a director known for her award winning short film Drôle d’Oiseau) who meet on a random morning after a night out in Brussels. They talk about the perks of life and share their experiences. But Croisé is mostly about identity. Both protagonists are wondering about who they are in society, Luna doesn’t know yet what she wants to achieve in life and feels like a failure, Amine on the other hand struggles with his sense of (not) belonging.

This short film relies on its strong visuals by the female DOP Natasja Saerens. She works with a lot of close-ups to focus on the emotions of the characters. This unfortunately doesn’t weigh up to the weak dialogues. They lack structure and are sometimes even unlogical. So for example when Luna gets mad, because she has to go to work after anight out. This is where Amine gives her the counterargument that she has no right to complain, because he is the one who has no real identity as a Moroccon in Belgium or a Belgian in Morocco. This undoubtedly is very reliable for a part of the audience and in a way it is very beautiful of Vanoost to raise this issue. But this argument makes no sense in the whole of the dialogue. It felt too heavy, but we got the point. Amine wants Luna to stop complaining about her first world problems.

Another dissapointing element was the poor acting performances of both protagonists, altough I liked the Brussels accent, which is a mix of Flemish and French, including a lot of curse words like ‘putain’. This adds authenticity to the dialogues.

The plotline of Croisé about the ordinary -yet unique- event when strangers cross each other’s path is perfect for a short film. As a student film, this one is a good effort, But in my opninion, Vanoost has some work on her dialogues.

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