“Baby Driver” – Edgar Wright

The talented young driver Baby meets the girl of his dreams and wants to quit his criminal existence. Forced by his boss and with his head in the clouds, he takes part in a robbery doomed to fail.

Baby3Baby Driver is the new film by the British Edgar Wright (Ant-man, 2015,…) with Ansel Elgort as Baby (The Fault in our Stars, 2014), Lily James as his girlfriend Rebecca (Cinderella, 2015) and Oscar-winning actor Kevin Spacey (American Beauty, 1999) as the crime boss Doc.

As a kid, Baby was in a car accident, losing both of his parents and left with ‘a hum in the drum’. Because of his tinnitus, he always wears his earplugs to listen to music, making him the most focused driver you can imagine. Doc takes Baby under his wings after an incident in Baby’s childhood, but he is nothing more than a relentless money-maker.

Baby-Driver-1After a job, Baby meets the young and beautiful waitress Rebecca, they soon fall in love. But Baby gets blackmailed by Doc to be the driver for one of his dangerous robberies. The team Baby works with are criminals first class (roles for Jamie Foxx, Eiza González and Jon Hamm), but when it goes wrong, the entire house of cards collapses.

Throughout the film you notice that Baby is caring, but troubled at the same time. He is traumatised by his parents’ death. Baby Driver is very similar to the history of Bonnie and Clyde, where love crosses all legal borders and where commiting a crime seems the only solution in order to protect each other.

BabyHonestly, the soundtrack is one of the protagonists in this film. It’s the most important element in Baby’s life and the soundtrack to all his actions and emotions. It is stacked with thumping songs like Egyptian Reggae by Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers, Golden Earring’s Radar Love and Baby’s all-time favourite Brighton Rock by Queen. Because all you need is one killer track, right?

This is an action- and crime movie, but at times just really funny. Unfortunately, except for the love story, I didn’t really got caught up in the plotline. Also the acting performances were not outstanding, but rather mediocre. Ansel Elgort nonetheless did prove himself to be capable of doing other genres than drama. Baby walks around with a cheeky little smile, which gives him a self-confident, almost arrogant look. It definitely suits him.

Baby Driver is one of those Hollywood action moves, I could spit outside and hit nine just like that. But Ansel Elgort’s charm makes it just a bit better.

The happy ending is quite untypical for Hollywood though. Our hero’s acts will not be simply justified. No, it’s exactly the other way around. Although forced into the job and forced to commit crimes of any sort because of self-defense, he will be punished in the end. Will the young love between Baby and Rebecca be strong enough to survive the consequences? Therefore, you should go and watch the film.

Baby Driver will be released in theaters in Belgium on August 2nd.


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